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Fitting in Exercise

Children Playing

Children who are returning to class may be apprehensive and will spend much of their day in the same classroom.  Online learners will be in front of a screen trying to understand lessons for most of their day.  Either way all of theses children will be facing some anxiety, stress, and frustration. Getting enough exercise is a great strategy for reducing all three.  Remember for the most part, exercise is playing for kids.  They can ride bikes, jump on a trampoline, jump rope, dance, play tag, or climb on their outdoor playset.   

  • Get involved.  The more active you are, the more active your kids will be.  Most kids love when their parents play with them. If you run have your child bike alongside, go for a walk or bike after dinner, or gather up the entire family for some touch football, play night hide-and-go seek, or have contest (who can jump the furthest, skip the fastest, etc.)

  • Schedule it.  In-class learners will benefit from blowing off some steam when they get home.  Online learners may need a few breaks throughout the day.  Scheduling helps create a daily routine and kids will understand that it is an important part of their day.

  • Make a rule that play-time comes before screen-time.

  • Get creative.  First don't call it exercise.  Think fun.  "Let's go play some hoops" or "Let's race."  Second, think outside the box.  Create a backyard obstacle course or go American Ninja. Introduce a new sport that they haven't played before like pickleball or frisbee golf.    

  • Play and watch.  Find movement during the commercials or jump rope or use exercise bands while watching TV.  

Whatever you choose to incorporate remember to make it fun!


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