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Keeping Change Easy

Below are some easy changes to build off of to get to a more healthier you.


Switch from a sugary cereal to a whole grain cereal.

Replace one unhealthy snack with a serving of fruit or vegetable.

Go two pumps instead of four at Starbucks.

Eat salad for lunch twice a week.

Reduce alcohol to one beer or glass of wine a day, taken with meal.

Look for one item in your kitchen that contains high fructose corn syrup and find a replacement.

Consume a probiotic food once a day (yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut.)

Eat salmon once a week.

Find a fresh alternative for a processed food.

Start reading food labels.

Replace vegetable oil with olive oil.

Eat a handful of nuts and seeds before supper.

Add one serving of fruit or vegetable.


At work get up and move once an hour.

Take the stairs.

Take a walk after dinner.

Park in the rear of the parking lot.

Lift weights or do calisthenics on the commercials.

Add 20 minutes of exercise 3 times a week.

Walk your dog, or walk your dog at a faster pace.

Do your own housework.

Walk for 2 hours a week.

Resume a sport you love.


Meditate for 5 minutes every day.

During your lunch, sit alone with eyes closed for 10 minutes.

Leave work on time 3 times a week.

Don't be someone else's source of stress.

Find time for something you love to do once a week.

Contact someone who is important to you.

Avoid people who are sources of conflict.

Get 8 hours of sleep three times a week.

Express gratitude for one thing a day.

Fix a weekly dinner date with your partner.

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