Your health matters because you matter

Free Initial Consultation - Please come in, share your story and see if we make a good partnership. 


One-on-One Health Coaching - Individual coaching sessions that can be packaged, 1hr or 30 min sessions available.  

Single Session - $65

4-Session Bundle - $250

8-Session Bundle - $480.  This includes a free initial consultation and 8 one-hour sessions.  

12-Session Bundle - $650.  This includes a free initial consultation and 12 one-hour sessions.  

Group/Family Coaching- for small groups or families.  Call or email for pricing.

Pantry Consult/Makeover - 2-hr visit to your kitchen, helping you and your family with food choices, label reading, and more.

Wellness Workshops - Topic examples:

  • Nutrition 101 - Nutrition basics to help you know what the body needs

  • LEAN Start - Wellness program designed for families and children

  • LEAN Expectations - Wellness program designed for pregnancy

  • Prime Time Health - Wellness program designed for adults 40+

  • Wellness in the Workplace

PRIME TIME HEALTH - January 2021 - This is a four week session, meeting once a week for 90 minutes.  Starting 1/19/2021 6 pm at the Evolve Studio

Prime time health is for those who are in their prime time (45+) and are looking for a way to feel well and not only live longer but live with quality, free of disease.  We use science and bring you best information to help you:

  • Understand how your body changes as you age

  • Prevent disease and help each body system - including the heart, brain, gut, lungs, eyes, and skin- age in healthier way

  • Enjoy more restful sleep, sharper thinking and memory, less stress

  • Cut your risk of cancer and the "highs" - high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high cholesterol

  • Get fit, strong, and flexible in a way that works for you

Class size will be limited to 8.  Register here.


Interactive Guided Imagery  -  technique that works directly with images that arise from your imagination and inner wisdom.  Gain powerful insight and awareness, access to healing, resolution to problems and fears that arise from your unconscious.  IGI supports healing and can be used for many health concerns from anxiety/depression to musculoskeletal problems.  1 hr sessions

Reiki - energy healing technique that is used for stress reduction and relaxation while promoting healing. 1 hr sessions

Yoga - schedule individual or group private classes for 30 or 60 minutes that meet your needs.  

To find out more information or set up a time email or call (920) 819-0469.