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Radical Remission Workshop

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Radical Remission Workshop

Based on the books Radical Remission, Radical Hope and the research of Dr. Kelly Turner, this Radical Remission workshop dives deeper into the 10 healing factors that were used by cancer patients who experienced spontaneous remission.  

Learn how to incorporate these factors into your life to support your healing and strengthen your immune system.  

This interactive 5-week workshop will explore two factors each week.  There is an in-person and virtual option. Find a community that is supportive and encouraging.  You will leave this workshop armed with an action plan that you can implement when you are ready. 

Who is this for? Cancer patients, survivors, family members, caregivers, or anyone who wants to prevent cancer or chronic illness. 

Note: In addition to workshops, one-on-one Radical Remission health coaching is available. 

Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Tuesdays, beginning April 18th -16th

1-3 pm CST

In Person Workshop:

Coming this Spring

Sundays, beginning April 23rd - May 21st

In-person class registration will be limited to 12. To ensure the success of this program,

a minimum of 4 participants is needed.  Classroom will have a UV air purifier and masks are welcomed. 

Although reading Radical Remission and/or Radical Hope by Kelly Turner, Phd, is recommended, it is not required.  In addition, Cancer Exercise Specialist, Jeanette Roskom CSCS CES, will be a guest speaker, sharing her tips on movement during and after cancer. 

Radical Hope is an enlivening, heart-opening, paradigm-shifting, educational, and illuminating update on Kelly Turner's extensive research into the 9 (now 10) factors that are linked to radical remission from 'incurable' cancer.  It's a grounded collection of practical toolsanyone who is ill can utilize to be proactive about building the foundation for better-than-expected health outcomes.

Lissa Rankin M.D.

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