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Water the Body

Image by KOBU Agency

The best way to get the water that your child needs it to make it a priority.  Water ideally should be the drink of choice for you and your family, however, not everyone is there.  Here are a few tips to help you help your child get the water he/she needs.

  • Be a role model.  The best way to get your family to drink more water is to drink water yourself.  If your child always sees you drinking water, they will be more likely to drink water.  

  • Make a water station.  Make it easy and convenient to get water.

  • Grab a bottle.  There are so many great water bottles available and you can even make a craft project out of it.  Bottles are convenient and children can keep them at their desk.  

  • Add a little flavor.  If water is not a favorite among your children you may need to add some flavor.  Lemon or orange slices, crushed berries, a bit of 100% juice can be added.

  • Grab a straw.  Kids tend to drink more when they use a straw.

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